“Top of the Crop” Guacomole Recipe

Guacomole Greatness

I gave myself permission to deviate a little, today’s post is not about baking. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to share this because it was sooo good!

Last week  for dinner I wanted to make fresh guacamole as part of a Mexican themed meal. I wanted a really fresh tasting salsa with no added junk! My wonderful husband who is always trying to support me, offered his kindness by going to the grocery store to pick up some items! He called me from the store to ask which salsa he should get. He came across “Top Crop Fresh Salsa” . He said “it looks fresh, natural and healthy as you like it, should I get it?” I told him,  “yes, let’s try it!” Well, it was love at first bite!! It was so delicious, with all natural ingredients including tomatoes, green and red peppers, red onions, cilantro, garlic, etc. All GOOD STUFF!!  We devoured it with some blue corn chips.

I had an idea to mix it into a guacamole recipe.  The salsa really did the trick! This was one of the best guacamole dips I had made in my life! Yes, I loved it!

I live in Hammonton so I am very lucky to have this local produce; Donio Produce/Jersey Fresh” Here is their link check them out!


Maybe you can contact Top Crop/Donio Produce and have them ship some to you or your local store!!! It’s definitely worth it!

Thank you so much Donio Produce for “Top Crop, Fresh Salsa”!! LOVE IT!!

Here is my Guacamole recipe, adjust to your liking:

  • 2 ripe avocados – peel, cut and place in bowl
  • Approximately 1 teaspoon or to your taste of McCormick’s Perfect pinch Garlic and Herb- salt free seasoning
  • Dash of Onion powder
  • Approximately 1 Tablespoon fresh squeezed lime juice
  • Fresh cilantro to taste
  • At least 3 tablespoons of Top Crop Salsa, it’s up to you!

First squash the avocados. I used a simple mashed potato hand masher, then stir in the rest of the ingredients and waaallaaa it is done!! Easy and little time to make! Go for it!

Look how fresh!! Yum!


Finished product!

In terms of thinking, yes I was doing it! Even though it wasn’t baking I had some reflections.

If you are open to notice and appreciate it, the “Top of the Crop” or the “best of the best”, is there in the unforeseen day-to-day setting.  I was reminded that in the unexpected circumstances of life, you can find happiness. I didn’t expect to come across such a delicious, healthy salsa and have it complement my guacamole so nicely. This “pint-sized” unexpected situation fostered a little piece of joy that was extended to my dinner, to my family, my night and my life! See if you can cultivate openness and mindfulness for those unexpected events. They have the potential to blossom into delight!



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About Baking and Thinking

I am a licensed psychologist and for fun baker!! I am a mother, daughter and wife! I love to bake and think! Baking is my form of relaxation. While I bake, I am often reminded of many simple life lessions/gifts. My hope is to share some joy with you!
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2 Responses to “Top of the Crop” Guacomole Recipe

  1. kate says:

    summer is a great time for unexpected surprises…watch a flower sprout from nowhere…recapture the joy of waterice… feed the squirrels and jays that come to.your yard for a peanut…thank you maria for reminding us of being aware of simple pleasures

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