Seriously, Fruit Tartlets with Mike and Terry!

I was very impressed by comedian Mike Birbiglia’s short film “2Fresh 2Furious” with Terry Gross. If you love them like I do, you must see this, it is brilliant!  I LOVE this!! Here is the link.

So of course this got me Thinking and Baking!

After I watched the clip, I started to wonder what it might be like to have both Mike and Terry over for a little dessert and coffee. I think they are so talented and bright, did I mention funny?  I have been a huge fan of Terry Gross for several years.  She has inspired me to think about what it might be like to sit across brilliant people and just talk to them, pick their brains a bit and gain insight into their lives. As a psychologist, I have this kind of experience, but have more expectations on me than an interviewer. Terry has influenced my thinking regarding asking questions in general.

Brief history of my respect for Terry, Mike and don’t forget Barbara!

As a child, I was captivated by Barbara Walters’ inquisitive nature and her willingness to “dig deep” and ask personal, sometimes, “elephant in room” kind of questions. I thought she possessed much courage to ask those types of questions. She was my heroine and I continue to admire her very much.  Terry is another one of my much-loved interviewers. She is awesome. I love her voice. I love her style and her calm, cool thoughtful, well researched and always curious questions. Her even-tempered wit and expressions are admirable. She is my star!

Mike Birbiglia is a comedian who I also find to be interesting and of course funny. He is one my comedic favorites. I have listened to a great deal of his comedy. I have gone to a few of his shows.  I think his facial expressions, tones and the “look” in his eyes are hilarious.  Especially when his bright blue eyes open wide and he says “OOOOHHHHHHhhhh NOOOOOoooo” in a deep yet sort of slow motion kind of way, at least for a panic situation. So when I saw two of my adored people in this short film it was out of this world! Mike’s spectacular short film made me feel like I just wanted to scream funny and I sure did! After I saw it once, I then encouraged my husband to watch it. He is a big fan as well! I watched it again with him and we were laughing as if we were two little kids laughing at poop and fart jokes! You know how that goes. It’s the funniest thing in world!  I watched in a sort of positive disbelief (if there is such a thing). Terry Gross was out of character and so amusing! Terry was a great sport in the film! It must be tricky when you are poking fun at yourself.  What a great thing to be able to not take ourselves so seriously! It captured Terry’s personality with a great little edge to it! I think it is splendid and deserves great praise! I just loved it! Genius!

Thinking Part

So this left me thinking of what I would bake for the two of them if they came over to my home.  Seriously, yes you read it right, if they came over my home! It could happen! I know Mike likes pepperoni pizza so I would probably order that as a big appetizer. Maybe make a salad on the side to make it healthy? No doubt, the main course for our visit would be the dessert! I think it would be nice to nibble on some mini fruit tartlets while sipping on our cappuccino and talking. (I’ll get back to the cappuccino in another post!) I would tell Terry how much I respect and appreciate her work. I would ask her what she enjoys most about her career. I don’t know if words could actually express how much I appreciate her! What a talented woman! I would tell her that I aspire to foster the confidence and calm that she transmits. I  love the scarf she was wearing in the film! Yes I’d tell her that too! I would also say this “well Terry, thank you for joining us, I really love what you do. You are very inspirational. If you decide to retire someday, keep me in mind!”

With Mike, I would love to ask him how he processes the ongoing reframe of his everyday life situations and transforms them into funny matters.  I would want to know how, other than using comedy, how he has coped with his medical issues. I would tell him, “Mike, you are a riot and I love what you do, can me and my family tag along with you on your next tour?” I have not yet seen his new movie that is out called “ Sleep walk with me”  however, I will soon. I am sure I it will have me “in stitches” as they say!

Even though there is so much meaning that we can assign to various situations, for me it is helpful to not take ourselves so seriously at times. Terry was able to have fun with her own style of how she relates to others. Through Mike’s creation,  she spun herself into a dichotomy of her personality. It was funny because it was dichotomous to her real self. We can do this too. We can have fun and joke with who we think we are. Stop taking yourself so seriously all the time! We only have a little time on this great planet that we are spinning on in this fascinating universe. It is so amazing that as Elton John would say, “it’s a little bit funny.”  So , Terry and Mike “I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you’re in the world!”  It’s been fun to share my fantasy scenario, (well it could become a reality, maybe I will send Mike and Terry an invite). Okay, now I will move on to the baking.

I think I would make Mini Fruit Tartlets for my wonderful guests. Let me tell you why! You see, Mike is the fruity, jokey one and Terry is the sophisticated, warm one, like a tart!Together they could make a fruit tartlet. I would explain this to them while I presented the tartlets!

Baking Part

I tried this recipe and it was great!

Mini Fruit Tartlets

Here is the link to the recipe from My

You will notice that this recipe calls for a jar of lemon curd.  Since I could not find the lemon curd in my local grocery store, I decided to make my own. I adapted the recipe for the lemon curd from the book “Baking Illustrated”, by the editors of Cook’s Illustrated Magazine. This book is a must for a baker! It is packed with tested and retested recipes!

Here is the link to the book.

Lemon Curd Ingredients:

  • 1/3 cup juice from 2 lemons
  • 2 large eggs plus 1 large egg yolk, ½ cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoon heavy cream
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt

You will need to heat the lemon juice in a nonreactive (glass, ceramic, stainless steel) sauce pan over medium heat. Eggs and yolk are whisked in a nonreactive bowl; then gradually whisk in sugar. Pour the hot lemon slowly into the eggs, then return to the saucepan and cook on medium heat. Stir constantly with wooden spoon till thick enough to stick to spoon. Remove pan from heat and stir in the cold butter until fully combined; stir in rest of ingredients and then pour through a strainer into a nonreactive bowl. Cover and refrigerate the curd until needed.


Cappuccino for you!

Tray of tartlets for you!

Let me know what you think!



About Baking and Thinking

I am a licensed psychologist and for fun baker!! I am a mother, daughter and wife! I love to bake and think! Baking is my form of relaxation. While I bake, I am often reminded of many simple life lessions/gifts. My hope is to share some joy with you!
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5 Responses to Seriously, Fruit Tartlets with Mike and Terry!

  1. melanie greenberg says:

    Maria, You should try to add a button where people can post to Stumbleupon, twittr etc. There are a lot of baking people on Stumbleupon and your blog will get a ton of views.

  2. Just stopping by from Hungry Happenings to say hello! Your tarts look yummy and I hope that you do get those special dinner guests!

  3. Curtis Waechtler says:

    Your blog is appetizing to anyone who reads it. And i bet if your special guests read it they would stop by. i love the buffet of interesting things you share, and i am looking forward to trying the tarts. thanks so much!!

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